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Next Order Statement
April 9, 2020

Supporting restaurants through the COVID-19 shutdown: Waiving all fees for industry-first real-time driver tracking

Following the Australian government restrictions on essential services, all restaurants and cafes across Australia have been restricted to offering only takeaway and home delivery. The restaurants that form the backbone of our communities are forced to change the way they operate. From first limiting their occupancy to now closing their doors to dine-in guests, local restaurants are facing the prospect of disappearing sales, making it harder for them each day to meet their expenses.
Next Order
Next Order provides restaurants across Australia with a world-first commission-free online ordering website and real-time driver tracking built for restaurants to directly offer pickup and delivery to their customers. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen the suffering of restaurants first-hand and faced unprecedented demand for new restaurants wanting a way to get online.
In order to help any restaurant making the change to home-deliveries, we are providing free online sign-up for our delivery management software and waiving all driver-tracking fees until the end of the pandemic crisis. “All it takes for any restaurant adapting to home-delivery is to sign up free online, download our iOS or Android apps and their customers will get real-time tracking right to their door,” said Brody Goatman, Co-founder of Next Order.
Many restaurants that never offered food delivery are advertising with third-party companies like Uber Eats, DoorDash and Deliveroo to help deal with the crisis. Danny, from Duke Pizza in Melbourne, has warned against the high-cost of these delivery services for years. “Customers might not realize that a family-owned restaurant like ours could give up more than 35% of a sale when delivered by these apps. Next Order’s driver tracking has enabled us to give our customers a better delivery experience and get more customers ordering directly without commissions.”
Despite the surge in orders coming from these services, restaurants are forced to rethink how they serve their customers and keep their own staff in jobs. The lack of drivers and high commission rates are forcing local restaurants to provide customers with their own delivery service. Using Next Order, customers are able to track the restaurant’s own delivery staff in real-time from the store for a contactless experience, all without the high costs of a middleman.
In response to the extraordinary events caused by COVID-19 and newly announced government restrictions, we at Next Order are:
  • Introducing free-online signup and waiving all driver tracking subscription fees during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Empowering local restaurants to offer contactless-home delivery to help keep customers safe and their staff in jobs.
  • Providing the ability for customers to receive SMS tracking as drivers are on the way in real-time right to their door.
“ Restaurants are facing unprecedented challenges and following new government restrictions, many are searching for a way to continue serving their customers and keep everyone safe. ”
“ We have been inundated with calls over the past few weeks from restaurants all across Australia and saw that we are in a position to help on a greater scale. Starting today, we are providing free online signup for our delivery management software and waiving all driver-tracking fees for restaurants until the end of the pandemic crisis. Using Next Order’s delivery tracking software, restaurants are more equipped than ever to take control of the delivery experience and continue to serve their own customers. ”
Brody Goatman, Co-Founder of Next Order
You can find out more about Next Order and how we help restaurants take control of their brand online on our website: